27 March 2012

First Casualty of the 2012 Season: Baby Broccoli

When I went to sleep Friday night, the broccoli in our greenhouse looked like this:

200 little green plants making up a miniature forest.  Each plant topped with big juicy leaves. 

When I woke up on Saturday morning, this is what they had become:

A desolate wasteland of little stalks sans leaves.

Something (or someone) had snuck into the greenhouse late at night and nibbled the leaves off each and every one of our 200 plants.  I am suspecting a mouse or a suspicious-looking chipmunk that I’ve seen hanging around, but whoever the little bugger is, he has a very particular taste.  He could have nibbled on tomato leaves, swiss chard, kale, or collards.  He could have made himself a nice little salad out of beet greens, lettuce, and chives.  But no…as far as I can see the broccoli was the only tray that was damaged.  

So what is our plan?  Step 1: Replant all of the broccoli and keep it covered with a breathable fabric.  Step 2: Attempt to seal any holes we can find in the greenhouse plastic.  Step 3: Lock the cats in the greenhouse for the night.  

Surprise, little chipmunk…Brittany Hollow Farm is playing hardball this year.


  1. Just beware...my cat loves anything green and sweet, so you never know if they are the culprits too!

  2. Uh-oh, I hope that isn't the case. To think, the culprits may have been right under my nose all along!