13 April 2012

Easter on Brittany Hollow Farm

Kim Mosher here, reporting as a guest blogger for the Farm Blog. You may know me from the Rhinebeck Farmers Market. In fact, some of you may confuse me with Brittany. Sometimes I play along to being the Mosher daughter (It's easier to say 'Cornell is going great, thank you!' Than explaining who I am.) But really, I am a Cordier turned Mosher, marrying the eldest son Brendan. I've been officially a part of this family for almost 4 years, unofficially 10 years (between friendship with Brittany and Ross, and lusting after Brendan). 

Anyway - I've seen my fair share of spring at the farm* - and let me tell you things are looking great! I'm sure this will be another productive year for the Mosher family - and I'm happy to see that Brittany will be around to keep an eye on things. The green house is more than under way, the garlic looks great, and the flower field looks ready to have beautiful blooms popping up all over. 

Easter is always a great time with this family. On Easter Sunday, Debby told us at breakfast that we were all too old for Easter baskets, so this year we were going to have an Easter egg hunt! And a hunt it was. Between running through the fields, the barns, and greenhouse there was much fun (and tears) to be had as we raced to find our next eggs which would give us clues for our next find. Enjoy the pictures below! 

*Disclaimer - I really don't know anything about farming besides how to complain about it BUT I promise to be back and blog about whatever farm happenings I am comfortable with! :

If you want to - feel free to check out my personal blog!
And we're off! Our clue was 'Garlic' which was tricky because first we thought that Debby meant the hanging garlic in the barn...little did we know, she meant the garlic field. 

Running through the garlic field looking for our eggs. If you look closely - you will see me lying on the ground, right after Brendan body-checked me out of the way. This resulted in a very lengthy conversation on our drive home, of me reminding him that I am his WIFE and not a sibling or football player. (We've had this conversation many times.) 

Looking for clues!

Well...that's just how I felt. 

And it was all worth it! Brittany and I were the FIRST to find our bountiful baskets. Thanks Debby!

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