07 June 2012

Dinner with Darryl - Freddy's Fish

Those of you that are regulars of the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market are familiar with my father Darryl.  He is a big guy with a big personality and it is easy to see that his passion is food.  He loves growing food, talking about food, cooking food, and of course, eating food.  At the market, he is the one always spouting off recipes and small bits of culinary wisdom related to food.  He's a part-time farmer and full-time professor at the Culinary Institute of American where I'm sure he regales students with the same stories we have heard.  In fact, just last week at the market there were several Culinary students at our stand.  I asked them if they knew my dad, and they replied, "Oh this is Professor Mosher's farm?  No we didn't have him but we know all about him!  He is a legend!"  Sounds like my Dad's reputation precedes him.

The other night he was just finishing up dinner in the kitchen when he had the urge to be videotaped.  I think a cooking show is in this guy's future.  The recipe for Freddy's Fish, an Asian-style dish that is big on flavor, follows.  Fred Brash from the Culinary Institute is a colleague of my father's at the Culinary and is a friend of our family.  We thank him for this recipe!

Freddy's Fish (Sorry there aren't ingredient quantities...but isn't that how most of us cook?  Just cater to your own specific tastes, adding more or less of various ingredients.)
-Prepare rice as instructed...try to cook it "to perfection" as Darryl would say.
-Mix soy sauce, asian 5 spice, mirin (a rice wine-like condiment), fresh chives, and thinly sliced hot pepper in a bowl and let it sit until further notice.
-Dredge a firm white fish (like tilapia) in egg white and then in cornstarch, and fry in a skillet until crispy.  Keep the fish warm in the oven.

Saute garlic, ginger, and scallions (GGS) until aromatic and the garlic is translucent.

Asian mirepoix...garlic, ginger, and scallions.

Add the cooked fish back to the pan, and try not to crowd it.  Pour the bowl of the soy sauce blend over the fish and allow it to braise for a couple of minutes.

You're done!  Serve the fish with a side of rice and some sauteed Brittany Hollow Farm braising mix.

Our Brittany Hollow braising greens, ready to wilt.

Ross couldn't keep his hands out of the pot of braising greens...they smelled too good!


The final product! I know that Darryl doesn't seem like an edible flower guy, but he is!


  1. Darryl cooks with lots of passion,

  2. Hhmmm! Looks delicious Darryl. And no, I'm not surprised your rice was cooked to perfection.