16 June 2012

Market Report - June 17 (Father's Day)

Can you believe it is Saturday again?  This summer is flying by.  For the market tomorrow, we'll have all of your old favorites (lettuce, radishes, bok choi, stir-fry mix, spinach, salad bags, Swiss chard, collard greens, kale, lacinata kale, spring garlic, rhubarb, chives, scallions, basil, and so on!) PLUS a couple of new additions.  And best of all, remember that everything we grow is pesticide-free.
BROCCOLI is here!!  We'll be picking the broccoli on Sunday morning just before driving to the market, so it will be completely and utterly fresh and delicious.  If you have a dad that loves broccoli, come on down to the Rhinebeck Farmers Market and pick some up for him!  We expect to sell out of this quickly tomorrow, but we'll have more next week!

It is hard to believe that just a couple of months ago I was blogging about the evil rodent that ate our greenhouse broccoli seedlings...and now look at it!

Look at these big beautiful plants!  Lots of broccoli to come this season.
 We'll also have a few pints of baby zucchini and yellow squash for those who come to the market early.  These little guys are so tender and delicious, and come with the blossoms attached (a tasty treat).  Try them on the grill for Father's Day!  I'm sure that in a couple of weeks I will be sick and tired of picking and eating squash, but right now I am very excited for this sign of summer!

The basil is looking good, and will be in attendance at the market.  Pesto anyone?

Lacinata kale is delicious and is SO good for you.  Have you tried making a massaged kale salad yet?  A great way to get some raw leafy greens into your diet.  Ask me for details and a recipe at the market!

Scallions are ready!  I put them in literally everything I cook.  Remember back in May when I planted them (my blog was on companion planting)?  They sure have grown since then. 

This rainbow Swiss chard is beautiful!  It always brightens my day.  I ate some tonight for dinner and it was delicious!

Here's something to look forward to!  We dug a few potatoes just to see how they are growing.  They look great and we should have some to bring to the market in 2-3 weeks!

Here I am in my goofy sun-hat.  See you in Rhinebeck at the market!

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