Meet Your Farmers

Darryl and Debby Mosher have been farming here at Brittany Hollow since 1982.  Both ex-IBMers, Darryl and Debby began their farming careers working with goats and livestock.  Many years ago they switched to growing high quality pesticide-free produce and haven't looked back.  Though they both have full-time teaching positions (Darryl teaches at the Culinary Institute of America), they continue to devote their summers to growing some of the Hudson Valley's best produce and cut flowers.  Darryl and Debby, along with their 3 grown children (below) represent the farm's entire workforce.

Darryl and Debby on a recent trip to Montana.

Brendan Mosher and his wife Kim currently live in Corning, NY with son Dean.  They regularly work on the farm and at the market on weekends.  Brendan and Kim are the founders of the Brittany Hollow Farm cut flower division.  Our first year selling cut flowers was 2008, when we grew flowers for Brendan and Kim's wedding.
Brendan and Kim Mosher, founders of the cut-flower business.  Great photo by Daniel Handal.

Brittany Mosher is the creator of this blog and is the namesake of Brittany Hollow.  She is a Ph.D. candidate in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University.  In her free time, she gardens (surprise!), cooks, bakes, and handles the Brittany Hollow Farm Facebook page and email account (
Brittany on a recent trip to Hawai'i. 

Ross Mosher graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a degree in business and a specialty in food retail.  He is currently the manager of a Hannaford grocery store in Highland, NY.  He lives nearby and works on the farm when we need him.  He spends his free time playing basketball and eating the country's hottest hot sauces.
Ross Mosher, working on the farm.  Another great Daniel Handal photo.

Sheeba is Brittany's dog, and is learning to be a good farm dog.  Her hobbies include chasing deer out of the vegetable fields and running away from her owners.
Sheeba keeping watch over the deer here!

The two farm cats, Racecar and Kim, do a nice job of catching mice, and like to spend their days rolling in the catnip we plant for them.
Racecar after spending some time in the catnip patch.