Our Growing Philosophy

Pesticide-free Produce

Brittany Hollow Farm, located in Rhinebeck, New York, is a family farm which grows 20+ acres of pesticide-free produce.  We grow our produce naturally without the use of any sprays.  We use the description "pesticide-free" to describe our product and growing philosophy.

We utilize techniques such as cloth row covers, companion planting, and succession planting to manage damage due to insects and disease.  We use advanced cultivation techniques to maintain and improve our soil quality and maintain healthy soil microorganisms.

In addition to selecting seed varieties that have good growing characteristics and disease tolerance, we also work hard to select varieties that have superior taste.  Many of the heirloom varieties that we grow are not suitable for corporate farms, as they have a shorter shelf life and do not ship well.  By working with local customers, we can pick and deliver these exceptional varieties in the same morning.

We believe strongly in providing a healthy and fresh product to our customers.  We work very hard to deliver on this goal.  We love our role as land stewards and growers to the community.  We enjoy talking to those who are interested in a local and healthy alternative to conventionally grown and shipped produce.  If you would like to know more about us or our product, we would be glad to talk with you.  Thank you.
                                                                                          Darry & Debby Mosher

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