28 July 2012

Brittany Hollow Bouquets and Potatoes in Red Hook

Our flowers at Brittany Hollow are in full bloom and ready to pick daily from 7am to 7pm.  There are lots of varieties of flowers, including several varieties of celosia and zinnias.  There are fields of sunflowers in bloom as well.

If you don't want to pick your own, you can buy Brittany Hollow bouquets at 2 different places in Red Hook:  at Montgomery Place farmstand on route 199 in Red Hook (available Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and at the Red Hook Farmer's Market from 10-2 on Saturdays in Red Hook.  Both of these places sell our delicious potatoes in addition to beautiful bouquets.

Montgomery Place Orchards is the most beautiful farm stand I have ever seen.  All the fruits and vegetables are beautifully displayed.  The Fincke family grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables, and what they don't grow, they purchase from other Hudson Valley farmers (like us!).

Talea and her crew's handywork - beautiful!

Doug Fincke knows how to grow peaches!!!!!

Montgomery Place's hours.....

Another product available at Montgomery Place is hard cider.  We sampled the cherry cider - delicious!

Part of the crew that helps make such a great market - Marissa and Noel prepare peaches for jam, and Caroline makes sure everything looks great!

 Another place to pick up a bouquet of Brittnay Hollow flowers is at the Red Hook farmer's market in the village parking lot every Saturday from 10 - 2.  Sabatino and Tracy Salvatico of Kerley Homestead Farm are selling bouquets of our flowers, along with their all natural herbs and vegetables and fruit from local farmers.  Sab and Tracy have the farm you see across from East Kerley Corner's Road.  They had beautiful lettuce of all types at the market today, which is quite a feat for the end of July.  Sab and Tracy enjoy talking to folks about gardening, so stop by the Red Hook farmer's market and say hi.

Sabatino and Tracy setting up for the
 Red Hook Farmer's market

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