21 July 2012

Tomatoes: A Taste of Summer

It never really feels like summer to me until I eat my first tomato sandwich or BLT of the season.  I have already ranted about the state of supermarket tomatoes, and how phenomenal local tomatoes are, so I won't subject you to that again.  Let me just summarize by saying that if you think you don't like tomatoes, give ours a try and then re-evaluate.

This week we'll have lots of tomatoes at the market.  Enough of you love tomatoes that we will likely sell out anyway, so come early if you can.  We pick the tomatoes so that they span varying degrees of ripeness, all the way from "eat me now! I won't last a minute longer" to "put me on the windowsill and enjoy me in a few days".

Tomatoes everywhere!  They smell delicious.

Since our tomatoes have come in, my family has been eating what we call "The Summer Sandwich" for lunch every day.  The Summer Sandwich was created by my grandpa Larry, though each of us puts a slightly different spin on it.  Here is what you need for the basic Summer Sandwich: good local tomatoes, cukes, sweet onions, bread (we love the bread from Our Daily Bread, our farmers market neighbor), and mayo.  Several of us also use thinly sliced hot peppers on our sandwich, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper never hurt anyone.  This sandwich is a natural for adding bacon, but even my carnivorous family members agree that it is damn near perfect in its unadulterated form.

Meet the Summer Sandwich.  On the bottom piece of bread there is mayo, sweet Brittany Hollow Farm onions, BHF hungarian wax hot pepper, and a sprinkle of black pepper.  On the top slice we have thinly sliced BHF cucumber and tomatoes.

Now slam those slices of bread together and enjoy.  Try not to drool.
 In addition to having tomatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers, cukes, and sweet onions, we'll also have the full line-up of Brittany Hollow potatoes.  Potatoes are one of our specialties...we grow 6 varieties (red, white, blue, red-red (red all the way through!), Yukon Gold, and fingerlings).  All 6 varieties were dug by yours truly in the rain on Friday!

This is the disgruntled face of someone who slogged around in the rain for several hours picking up little balls of mud  potatoes.

Here they are!  Clockwise: red-red (red all the way through), white, red, fingerling, blue, Yukon Gold.

We'll have everything you need to make your own Summer Sandwich at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market, in addition to lots of other great produce.  See you there!!!

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