11 July 2012

Flower Power!

If you don't have the time or energy to pick-your-own in this heat you can buy our pre-made bouquets at the Red Hook Farmers Market on Saturday.  But I think you'll really enjoy wandering the fields on your own, so venture out!

The flowers are blooming beautifully right now.  If you haven't come by to check them out yet, you should!  The entire north field is picking well...lots of zinnias, cleome, celosia, snapdragons, ageratum, etc. to choose from.  I picked a bucket of flowers to decorate our house the other day, and was amazed to find that I could make 7 bouquets!  Come on over and brighten up your day!  :O)

Celosia in the foreground, zinnias and ageratum in the background.
It is impossible to make an ugly bouquet with these flowers!

Bumblebee pollinating in the meadow.
 The wildflower meadow is the place to go if you're an insect-lover.  I was over there today and saw honeybees, bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, and a hummingbird!

If you like to wander off the beaten path the wildflower meadow is for you.
 The sunflowers are in bloom!  The are in the southeast corner of our fields.  I was at Holy Cow this week and saw a family with a bucket of our sunflowers.  Why not treat yourself to an ice cream cone after picking?!

The sunflowers are ready!  They are beautiful.

Can you hear them calling, "Pick me!  Pick me!"?
We had a lovely bride-to-be and her bridesmaids come to pick for a wedding last week.  They did a great job and I'm sure they made some amazing table arrangements and bouquets.
Flowers for the wedding party.  You guys did a great job picking!  Hope the wedding was wonderful!
Here are a few more photos I snapped of people having fun in the fields this week.  If you're an iPhone and Facebook user, upload a picture of your bouquet to our Facebook page!
Mother and daughter.  Nicole (Mom) and Olivia wandered the fields.  Olivia said it was like a jungle!

That girl has a good eye for color!

Suki brought the whole family.  What a great portrait!

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