07 July 2012

Market Report - July 8th

Tomorrow will be our last market with lettuce.  As sad as it is to see the lettuce go, it means that summer is finally here and we are getting into our first real summer season veggies.  We'll have lots more of our red, white, blue, and Yukon gold "new" potatoes along with our  

Sweet yellow onions, perfect for grilling or salads.  These guys are so sweet you could eat them like apples.  Amazing!

Onions you can eat like apples?  Trust me, they're that good.  

Lots of garlic!  Huge cloves of potent stuff.  Also delicious roasted on the grill.  Read more about our garlic harvest here.

Harvested on the 4th of July, the garlic can now be stored for up to 3 weeks.

Our first eggplant of the season!  Tender skins, perfect for the grill (or moussaka, eggplant parm, baba ganoush, etc)!  We only have one box of these to sell, so come early!

Shiny, beautiful, and delicious...these will go fast.

Lots of pickling cukes!  Make a cucumber salad, pickles, or just eat them raw like Debby does!  So refreshing on a hot day.

Why complicate an already good thing?  Just eat 'em raw.

And finally...our first tomatoes of the season.  Hardly worth mentioning since we only have half a box this week.  Hopefully a lot more are on their way.  Summer is here!

See you at the market!

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  1. I live for my Sunday night Brittany Farm suppers. Last night I fried up some of your green tomatoes, roasted your blue potatoes and fresh garlic (with rosemary from my house), and Migliorelli corn on the cob. Yum.